Why Choose J&D Landscaping?

What Makes J&D Landscaping different?

We are Quality:

J&D Landscaping goes above and beyond staying up to date with new industry guidelines for proper installation of Hardscape products. There are several types of pavers and hardscape materials on the market, each having certain requirements for proper installation and some requiring special tools due to the size of the material. It is important that the installation crew is properly trained and has the right tools for the job, J&D Landscaping continues to invest in the latest industry tools to help ensure employee safety and to make sure projects are completed to the customers satisfaction.

“It’s all in the Base” This is the quote that means the most in the Hardscape industry. No matter what paver choice, style, color or pattern a customer chooses, if the base is done wrong the project will fail and cause problems over time. J&D Landscaping takes the proper steps to ensure a base that will stand the test of time and hold up to New England weather.

We are Efficient:

J&D Landscaping takes great pride in having an extremely efficient team. This efficiency has been one of the key reasons for customer referrals. With only one crew of 3 skilled workers, an average patio or walkway project “Up to 500 square feet” start to finish can be completed in 1 day.

J&D Landscaping completes well over 100+ Hardscape projects per season which is an accomplishment that even larger companies have trouble doing without having to sacrifice quality, restrict choice of material or take weeks to complete. J&D Landscaping knows that customers want projects completed in a timely fashion so by working efficiently on each project they are able to ensure that can happen.

We are Affordable:

J&D Landscaping is a small business with an efficient installation process and we pass the savings onto our customers. Due to the lower overhead of a smal l company, our efficiency and partner agreements with our suppliers that we have built over the years, we simply are able to provide better pricing compared to the larger companies who have much higher overhead cost.
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