Patio Installation Process

J&D Landscaping Patio installation process:

Determination of Soil: Clay, rock, sand etc. will require different depth of base to allow for proper drainage and prevent frost movement.

Excavation: Using a Track machine rather than a wheel machine allows J&D Landscaping to maintain proper digging depths without the worry of creating “Air pockets” in the sub soil a common problem with wheel based skid steers.

Geo-Textile Fabric: One of the most important parts to ensure a long lasting project is the installation roper Geo-Textile fabric. Unlike simple weed block fabric, the recommended fabric is rated for 25 years. This is an important part of longevity to any hardscape project, “keeping the subsoil separate from the base materials”.

Base Material: We install only high quality ¾” process gravel with each hardscape project. We have been using the same quarry for over 10 years and the base material meets all industry standards.

Compaction: J&D Landscaping uses both a heavy duty reversible compactor as well as a tradition plate compactor on each one of their job sites, compacting the base with multiple passes to ensure a job that will last and proper compaction density is reached.

Leveling: Once the core base is complete J&D Landscaping will add a layer of sand, less than 1 inch thick, compact the sand and then proceed to level the sand. It is extremely important to ensure the patio is sloped to ensure no water problems. *Stone dust is a material sometimes used in place of sand, however this material is wrong and will cause failures*

Paver install: Pavers will be installed by bringing over multiple pallets of material at the same time and mixing the pallets as the pavers are installed. This is important to do as the colors vary from pallet to pallet and proper mixing of the pavers will avoid blotchy looking projects. Once pavers have been installed, cuts have been completed and poly sand has been applied between the cracks, the pavers will then be packed again with the small plate compactor “Varies on certain materials” final sweep/blow off of the project will occur along with wetting the patio to activate the polymeric sand.

Clean up: J&D Landscaping never leaves a job unfinished. Upon completion of the project the damaged area around the project and tracks caused by the project will be top soiled with high quality screened soil and raked out ready for seed or plantings to be completed by the customer.

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