Hardscape Inlays & Borders

You’ve made the decision to move forward with your Hardscape project, now it’s time to customize it! Why have the same boring patio your neighbor has when you can customize it to fit your style and taste? One of the best ways to customize a project is by adding different borders or inlays into the design. Customizations like this will help your project stand out from the others and create a unique feel in your back yard.

Hardscape couch chestnut brown around a pavillion

Even on this small 14' x 20' project a combination of styles and colors takes a simple project and makes it stunning.

With an inlay of onyx black in the patio, a simular inlay of onyx black in the wall ties this project all together

Adding a hardscape carpet to a patio project adds style and makes your project unique.

Accessories like a Hardscape couch, bar, lighting, fire pit or sitting wall will make your patio even more useful and can be completed as part of the original project or in phases over the coming seasons.
With J&D Landscaping your hardscape project possibilities are endless.

Hardscape couch shale grey, pillars and antika 2 color combo

Hardscape bar chestnut brown with onyx black inlay

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